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Benefits of a TenStep Office

A TenStep office will give you a competitive edge and help you to stand apart from the crowd. The primary benefit to you will be the use of the TenStep name.

  • You receive our global brand and a "story to tell" about TenStep. You will be part of our global TenStep network - brag about it!

    • Full range of training and consulting products

    • Over 6000 licenses worldwide

    • Global offices around the US and around the world

    • Name recognition from companies that you call on

  • Instant designation as a PMI’s Registered Education Provider (REP)

  • Instant membership in the PMI Registered Consultant Program (RCP)

  • Proven service models (Click here for more details.)

    • Training classes.

    • Consulting models

  • Proven products (Click here for more details.)

  • Our ongoing brand-building campaign

    • Web-based promotions, internet pay-per-clicks, magazine advertising

    • TenStep.com website promotions (80,000+ visits per month)

    • TenStep weekly email promotions

  • Marketing leads in your territory

    • Lead generation advertising and promotions

    • White paper and webinars accessed in your market are sent to you.

    • License requests in your territory are sent to you to follow-up and close

    • Training and consulting requests in your territory are sent back to you for follow-up

  • License to use all TenStep methodologies and content

  • Support from TenStep, Inc.

    • Initial orientation / train-the-trainer (negotiable)

    • Ongoing coaching and advice

    • Business advice

  • Territory protection and exclusivity

    • No other TenStep offices

    • No resellers

    • You follow-up on all leads in your territory

  • Business models

    • TenStep Overview / Business Model

      • Roles and responsibilities

      • Model for running the business

    • Business forms and templates

    • TenStep letterhead graphic images

    • TenStep branded supplies

    • Expertise on how to run this type of business

    • Credit card processing

  • Access to other products and services from across the TenStep global network

  • Help with local promotions and advertising

    • Access to our marketing material and expertise

    • Help with obtaining targeted mailing lists

    • Discounts on TenStep books to give away or sell

    • TenStep-branded merchandise to wear or give away

    • Press releases for office opening and major accomplishments

  • Yearly Global Partner Conference

  • Exclusive access to online TenStep Portal

    • Business templates

    • Licensed users list

    • Product price list

    • License and email templates

    • Training overviews (source documents to customize)

    • Consulting services overviews (source documents to customize)

    • Product overviews (source documents to customize)

    • Product logos

    • Sample marketing proposals

    • References and positive feedback

    • Much more ...

  • A chance to own and run your own business

  • Much, much more

Our Network of Websites, Services and Products

 TenStep Corporate Site (www.TenStep.com)

MPMM Project Management Process (www.MPMM.com)

TenStep Project Management Process (www.TenStepPM.com)

Method123 Templates (www.Method123.com)

ProgramStep Program Management (www.ProgramStep.com)

Template Collective (www.TemplateCollective.com)

PMO Setup (www.PMOStep.com)

PMP Prep Online Learning (www.ReadySetPass.com)

Portfolio Management Setup (www.PortfolioStep.com)

TenStep Store (www.TenStepStore.com)

IT Development Lifecycle (www.LifecycleStep.com)

Free Whitepapers (www.PMPapers.com)

The International Community of PMs (www.TheICPM.com)

Free Webinars (www.ProjectManagementWebinars.com)

Tips from Greatest PM (www.TheGreatestPM.com) (satire)

TenStep Academy (www.TenStepAcademy.org)

IT Support (www.SupportStep.com)

Green Project Management (www.Green-PM.com)

Consulting Services (www.Consulting-PMO.com)

Training Curriculum (www.Training-PM.com)

Mail address:                   181 Waterman Street
Marietta, GA 30060

email: Tom.Mochal@TenStep.com Phone: 770.795.9097


Last modified: March 27, 2017