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Our Proven Products

We have a suite of products that help companies and individuals build better business processes. These products are more economical and valuable than the limited alternatives in the marketplace, and provide much better value than building custom processes from scratch. These products include:
  • The TenStep® Project Management Process (TenStep) is designed to provide the information necessary to successfully manage projects of all kinds, including a step-by-step approach, starting with the basics and getting as sophisticated as you need for a particular project. (www.TenStep.com

  • TenStep PB™ Framework (TenStep PB) is a derivative product that combines the content of the TenStep process with the content of the PMBOK® Guide from the Project Management Institute (PMI). This product is licensed from PMI. (www.TenStepPB.com)

  • The PMOStep™ Project Management Framework (PMOStep) helps companies build a Project Management Office (PMO). This is an internal TenStep process that is licensed to companies only in certain circumstances; however, TenStep can use this process to help a company set up their PMO. (www.PMOStep.com)

  • The LifecycleStep™ Project Lifecycle Process (LifecycleStep) contains a complete methodology for developing and running the an IT development project. (www.LifecycleStep.com)

  • The PortfolioStep™ Portfolio Management Framework (PortfolioStep) helps companies manage work as a portfolio to ensure the most valuable work is authorized and executed. This is an internal TenStep process that is licensed to companies only in certain circumstances. (www.PortfolioStep.com)

  • The PortalStep™ Project Management Portal (PortalStep) organizes all of the TenStep content and libraries into a website that a company can install easily on their company Intranet. The result is a one-stop project management portal for company staff.  (www.Portal-Step.com)

  • The SupportStep™ Application Support Framework (SupportStep) showcases a common set of processes, best practices and templates to run the IT application support function. (www.SupportStep.com)

Mail address:                   181 Waterman Street
Marietta, GA 30060

email: Tom.Mochal@TenStep.com Phone: 770.795.9097


Last modified: March 27, 2017